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  • Earthquake relief medallions

    Earthquake relief medallions

    Introducing details: May 12, 2008 04 second Sichuan fourteen twenty-eight, Wenchuan, Beichuan, Qingchuan, 8 earthquake occurred. Strong earthquake hit southwest suddenly, the earth shaking, and shift, the collapse of the housing, town were destroyed, a large number of casualt

  • straw clip calligraphy works

    straw clip calligraphy works

    Introducing details: This is the folk artists Yang war to send eight one Uprising Memorial Hall of a work of Art -- wheat straw clip" Mao Zedong poetry, Yue Jinggangshan".Straw clipart, Sui and Tang Dynasties era began with the court crafts. It and the paper-cut, cl

  • Fang Zuqi's poetry, calligraphy painting

    Fang Zuqi's poetry, calligraphy painting

    Introducing details: Fang Zuqi, under the pseudonym to Jingjiang City, Jiangsu ( originally from Anhui in Huizhou ), was born in 1935 October in 1951 August, to the Chinese peoples Liberation Army, in 1952 into the Korean war. Served as assistant, deputy chief, section chief,

  • Wang Ling works

    Wang Ling works

    Introducing details: China is the worlds first invention of paper states, as early as the Western Han Dynasty era has started making paper. The paper is convenient for cutting hollow performance, can be easily created with the folk paper-cut art required. Therefore in the Han

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