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★ Wang Ling works ★

Wang Ling works

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Name:Wang Ling works


China is the world's first invention of paper states, as early as the Western Han Dynasty era has started making paper. The paper is convenient for cutting hollow performance, can be easily created with the folk paper-cut art required. Therefore in the Han Dynasty art from the masses of the people have. But as a result of paper-cut works material characteristics, this kind of work is not easy to preserve, ancient paper-cut works have been difficult to see the real. Long-term since, paper-cut art in China Folk experienced long years, continuous development, the content from the original folk customs to reflect all kinds of themes such as extensive, revolutionary history. Here is a member of Jiangxi Province Artists Association Ms. Wang Ling donated to the eight one Uprising Memorial is a paper-cut works. The work is 8.18 meters long, 0.8 meters wide, the content reflects the uprising of eight one in the process of a plurality of precious moments, designing characters of 34 people. The works of the line is smooth, clever layout, in the paper-cutting techniques not only to retain the traditional style, has new breakthrough again. This work reflects Nanchang Uprising of eight one people on this period of history recollection, is a precious collection.

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