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★ Fang Zuqi's poetry, calligraphy painting ★

Fang Zuqi's poetry, calligraphy painting

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Name:Fang Zuqi's poetry, calligraphy painting


Fang Zuqi, under the pseudonym to Jingjiang City, Jiangsu ( originally from Anhui in Huizhou ), was born in 1935 October in 1951 August, to the Chinese people's Liberation Army, in 1952 into the Korean war. Served as assistant, deputy chief, section chief, deputy minister, political secretary, Organization Department minister. In 1984 he was appointed deputy director of the Political Department of Shenyang military region and cadre minister, director of the Political Department of Shenyang military region, Beijing military region, director of the Political Department of Nanjing military region, political commissar, Secretary of the party committee. The Communist Party of China in 1997 Fifteenth National Congress was elected as a member of the central committee. 1988 September was awarded the rank of major general, in 1993 July was promoted to the rank of lieutenant, 1998 March was promoted to the rank of general. Fang Zuqi's interest in traditional Chinese culture, Chinese calligraphy and poetry, over the years, the official time, with great interest in the study of Chinese classical poetry writing, like a pool brush, often with the famous business research, results quite abundant, achievement strikings.

In 2010 October, general Fang Zuqi works in Nanchang opening exhibition. After the exhibition, general Fang Zuqi to Nanchang Uprising of eight one Memorial donated a beloved works of calligraphy" Fujian Jiangxi boundary line". The painting on the poem is also general Fang Zuqi himself made, the poem full text:" Wuyi in Jiangxi Province, ten thousand valleys along streams. Cloud dim red rolling, emerald green green jade smoke. Chi Bo cast house shadow, pan canoe fishing. Bird called Asahi, cattle grass powder hill. Hill was falls, kagu with sand. Cottage Lin Yinmi, children water retting. Rice Wen Sili, orange green compose slope week. Loess base rocks, Bai Qiangying bamboo. At night is more static, insect voice dark soft. Hidden wonders in rural areas, any passenger travel. The old man talk about old times, the listener will seek. The government about achievement, radiantly floating. Border devotion, a writing age. Red to open a new business, Gutian leather old chips. Changting autumn white, thick country star. Strong also rugged road, and now the de novo." This piece of calligraphy is long 5.3 meters, high 45 cm, fonts, powerful, of great momentum, is a rare masterpiece.

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