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★ straw clip calligraphy works ★

straw clip calligraphy works

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Name:straw clip calligraphy works


This is the folk artists Yang war to send eight one Uprising Memorial Hall of a work of Art -- wheat straw clip" Mao Zedong poetry, Yue Jinggangshan".

Straw clipart, Sui and Tang Dynasties era began with the court crafts. It and the paper-cut, cloth paste as a clip art. Straw to pass:" smoked, steaming, bleaching, scraping, push, hot, and shear, moment, painting" and other processes, in accordance with the straw itself luster, grain color and texture, are generally not coloring, according to the need for cutting and pasting into. Straw clipart in keeping straw natural luster and texture on the basis of absorption of the Chinese painting, printmaking, sculpture, paper cutting, and other means of artistic expression, make straw clip natural luster, grain color and texture more rich artistic appeal, more strong local flavor, shows more natural simplicity, elegant features, magnificent witty, elegant style, has a unique artistic effect of beautiful decoration.

This painting of wheat straw painting works with the cut straw after processing, with red cloth for the end, Comrade Mao Zedong imitation calligraphy fonts, making out the works presents a golden effect. Producers give to eight one Uprising Memorial Hall, reflects his love of the great leader of revolutionary history, respect, the revolution memorial trust.

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