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★ Earthquake relief medallions ★

Earthquake relief medallions

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Name:Earthquake relief medallions


May 12, 2008 04 second Sichuan fourteen twenty-eight, Wenchuan, Beichuan, Qingchuan, 8 earthquake occurred. Strong earthquake hit southwest suddenly, the earth shaking, and shift, the collapse of the housing, town were destroyed, a large number of casualties. It is destructive since the founding of new China, the largest of the earthquake. The earthquake hit about 500000 square kilometers of land in China, more than 80000 people were killed.

After the earthquake, the people of the whole country in emergency rescue and disaster relief emergency. Chinese people's Liberation Army in Ji'nan military artillery regiment received orders from higher levels, the emergency organization all the officers and men to the air, quickly into the disaster area, from the ruins in search, rescue victims, open rescue channel, in a variety of ways to the disaster area to relief supplies, and supplies the timely distribution of comfort for the victims, victims, temporary housing. Officers also donated money, build a hope primary school, so that the disaster area child to enter the school, started learning. Antiaircraft artillery regiment in earthquake front line fighting day and night, so that the people in the disaster area deeply moved. Finish the task forces the evacuation, disaster area masses clinging, sobbing with.

This is in Ji'nan military artillery regiment delegation to Nanchang eight one Uprising Memorial Museum, donated relief medallions. It records the regiment commander in seismic field heroic struggle history, is a memorial to 5.12 after the Wenchuan earthquake, the earthquake relief and important cultural relics.

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