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★ A revolutionary martyr, promote patriotism ★

In traditional Chinese festivals Qingming Festival is approaching, Nanchang, Nanchang municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department of the urban civilization office, Nanchang City Bureau of education, Nanchang City Press and Publication Bureau, Nanchang, Nanchang Uprising of eight one Memorial middle school eight one -" our festival, Qingming -- a revolutionary martyr, promote patriotism" activity to start a ceremony in Nanchang Uprising of eight one memorial. Municipal Standing Committee, vice mayor, Minister of propaganda week off, the city's deputy director Yao Yanping, the urban civilization office, the city Bureau of education, city press and publication bureau about responsible comrade and school students, residents of the masses represented nearly 500 people to attend the launching ceremony.

To start the ceremony, all rise, playing and singing the national anthem, the student representative to the martyrs statue placed flowers, new members had joined the oath, eight one secondary school students also Qi song" lovely China", to fully express the revolutionary predecessors lofty respect, express to want in succession to grow, to serve the motherland.

Municipal Standing Committee, vice mayor, Minister of propaganda week off in a ceremony performed by the speaker, he pointed out that the Nanchang is a block has a glorious revolutionary tradition is the fertile soil, the rising sun, in the bloody revolutionary struggle, countless heroes of the city of children, to the liberation of the people, lay down one's life for justice, and ferocious enemy. Extremely hard and bitter struggle, with their blood and lives to write a capable of evoking praises and tears of the magnificent poem, left us a lot of valuable spiritual wealth. We should make full use of the rich red cultural resources, and actively carry out various forms of revolutionary tradition education activities.

The revolutionary martyrs memorial activities, not only to stimulate the hero city children 's patriotism and the great national spirit, strengthen the broad masses of the people to inherit and carry forward the glorious tradition of revolutionary martyrs of the faith, and of religious civilization action, do away with all fetishes and superstitions, change existing habits and customs, protect environment, advocate of fresh air, to build beautiful homes, building a harmonious society to make positive contribution.

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