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★ “New China National Day parade." ★

To commemorate the 60 anniversary of the founding of the people's Republic of China, reflecting the overall since the founding of the Republic of the 14 parade, especially the founding ceremony of national day 10 anniversaries, 35 anniversary National Day, National Day 50 anniversaries, National Day 60 anniversary of the glorious history, highlighting the new China was founded 60 years especially reforming and opening 30 years of national defense and army building achievement, show our country to safeguard world and regional peace and stability determination and the will, to show the people's Liberation Army mighty, civilized division, peace division 's good mental outlook, Nanchang Uprising Memorial Hall in eight one gave support energetically below, in the new exhibition hall on the third floor of the building held the" new Chinese National Day parade Exhibition", to show the Tang army, national spirit, arouse the patriotic enthusiasm, to the Republic of China eight one 60 birthday gift, the add lustre. The parade show featured picture 261, which reflects the newest 2009 parade of more than 35 pieces of content of the image, at the same time with the loop" new China National Day parade show" video.

Parade, is an extremely grand military ceremony. It is a soldier to the pledge of loyalty; display the military style important form. Since the founding of new China, has held fourteen National Day parade, it shows the national army, hearten ethos, aroused the patriotism of all our people. 2009 National Day 60 anniversaries review troops, display the new China was founded 60 years especially reforming and opening 30 years of national defense and army building a great achievement, showing the people's army following the party's orders, serving the people, heroic spirit and mighty, civilized division, winning a good image, displayed the people the people's Liberation Army to safeguard national security and development interests, safeguarding world peace the firm determination.

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In October 2, 2009

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