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★ Nanchang Uprising Memorial Hall in eight one" inside strong quality to add vigor ★

Nanchang Uprising Memorial Hall in eight one" inside strong quality to add vigorOutside tree figure on the level of" the implementation of program activitiesIn order to implement the seventeen party 4 in plenary meeting spirit, further consolidate and expand the in-depth study and practice the scientific outlook on development activity results, give full play to the important role of city promotional window units, further improve the staff quality and level of service, really let the audience" happy to come, satisfied", we formulated" inside strong quality adds vigor, outside tree figure on the level of" the implementation of program activities are as follows:One, guiding ideologyCarefully to the spirit is guidance, implement the scientific outlook on development, around the propaganda education and display research core, take training, seminars, go out to visit, study and other forms, constantly strengthening the training of cadres and workers work, do be used to learn, to promote school, learning combined with, and continuously improve the cadres and workers of the comprehensive quality, through the development of civilization to create the Department, such as advanced individual activities, and constantly create a good image of the window, for the city to make a positive contribution to the development of red tourism.Two, overall objectiveThrough in-depth" inside strong quality, outside tree figure on increasing vigor level" activity, promote" five abilities", implementation "three promotion". " Five kind of abilities" that one is to improve the ability to solve problems, the two is to improve the ability of communication and coordination, the three is to improve the level of business ability, four is to improve the display of ability, five is to improve brand effects. " Three foster" that was to promote ability enhancement. Continuously improve the docent service reception level and cultural comprehensive quality. The two is to promote team building strengthening. To promote the cadre team construction, standardization, standardized and scientific, and strive to build a political firm, upright style, image of excellent high-quality cultural team. The three is to promote the audience satisfaction degree. Make the cadre worker thought to have a new understanding, cultural work to have new move, new face on the team.In three, the organizationIn order to effectively treat this activity the job falls to real point, strengthen organization and coordination, to ensure that activities effectively, set up special" inside strong quality, outside tree figure to add vigor on the level" of the activities of the leading group.Group: law long Jian MingThe deputy leader of the group: Liu Chagen Wang Xiaoling Cao Jiaqian, Hu ZhenAs a member of Lin Nanhong Chen Dingsheng and Xiao Yanyan Zhang Yong: Qi GangLi Shenghua Yang WeihongUnder the leading group office, director of general office by Lin Nanhong concurrently, office located in the group and industry, the specific organization and coordination of the implementation of this activity.In four, the main content( a ) inside strong quality. Is mainly reflected in the training and post training in the two aspects. Take : one is to encourage self-study, promoting the cadres and workers to participate in all types of business learning, targeted for self learning and self improvement, in order to improve the level of knowledge, to meet the need of the work. Two invited experts and scholars to give lectures and tutorials. Three is go out to visit, there are plans to organize the people to study, learn from each other, promote the work of. Four is the organization of training, adopt concentration grooms and classification training way, strengthen the protection of cultural relics, fire safety, military history history knowledge and other related knowledge, and strive to build a high-quality personnel.( two) of figure of the tree outside. I shop is province, city major propaganda window positions of importance, and strive to improve the staff quality and level of service, from the subtle to start with, to the audience to " six point": a little more smile, talk a bit lighter, was a bigger concern, fine point, to move a little faster, effect a little better", cogent make the audience" into the hall of kindness, in the Museum of civilization, from the pavilion nostalgia feeling".Five, work stepsWith a good activities," inside strong quality, outside tree figure on increasing vigor level " campaign in three phases:( a ) the propaganda and mobilization phase ( 2010 September - October)Hold to" inside strong quality, outside tree figure to add vigor on the level of" mobilization meeting, serious study of central provinces and relevant document spirit, cogent fulfil bureau Party committee arrangement deploy, make feasible implementation plan, unite a thought further, improve knowledge, clear objectives. Require departments combined with their own work, how to achieve" inside strong quality, outside tree figure" target specific activity plan.( two) the implementation phase ( 2010 October - June 2012)This stage is mainly through training, job training and other forms of inside strong quality, through the team construction, system construction, style construction, high quality service to enhance the external image.(three ) summing up stage (2011, 2012 after "seven one" )Conscientiously sum up the activities, develop the advantage, overcome inadequacy, commend advanced, bring the work to a new level.Six, job requirements( a ) height to take seriously, improve knowledge. Carry out the " inside strong quality, outside tree figure on increasing vigor level" activity is the new era of cultural work requirement, strengthen cadre worker quality is an important content of the construction of the cadres and workers, to improve the professional ability and work level, have very important sense. All departments should fully understand the importance of this activity and urgency, unity of thinking, strengthen confidence, cogent the work stress grip fact.( two) the strict organization, firm is caught fulfil. All departments should strictly in accordance with the scheme of arrangement, to develop their own training programme," inside strong quality, outside tree figure to add vigor on the level of" leading group activities will nonskedly to departmental training inspections, to ensure that the learning and training to achieve real results.( three) examination, build the atmosphere with. The upper and lower take a variety of forms, to create a good learning atmosphere. The activities of the leading group of the school, through learning evaluation, the test measures, security activity is ceaseless and thorough, obtain actual effect( four) outstanding key, wu begs actual effect. All departments should combine the job actual, in the practice process of serious analysis to find their own shortcomings, take effective measures to improve, through this activity to make the cadres and workers of political quality, professional level, working ability as well as the unit of the service quality was obviously improved, I work hard to become a museum construction management norms, quality service, the audience satisfaction propaganda education position.The Nanchang Uprising of eight one Memorial branch of the CommitteeIn 2010 September

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