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★ Our library thorough practice scientific outlook on Development held informal discussion ★

For the in-depth study and practice the scientific outlook on development, Nanchang Uprising of eight one Memorial on May 14, 2009 devoted to the old comrades informal discussion, listen to the opinions and suggestions of the old comrades. Eight one Museum of leading group and director of general office attended the meeting and will listen to the six old comrades.

Party branch secretary, study practice group leader Liu Chagen to old comrades introduced the practice to learn the relevant situation as well as the museum 's recent work, hope old comrade Yue, worthiness, positive for the museum development builds character to make suggestions. The veteran comrades to the museum in recent years achievements acquired satisfied, on the leadership team at the annual Spring Festival on-site condolences expressed his thanks, sufficient affirmation of leadership is a pioneering and innovative, forge ahead, harmonious team, and on the activities of the organization and welfare two respects offerred specific opinion and proposal.

Library Leadership to seriously study the old comrades put forward opinions and suggestions, formulate the following solutions: one is the annual please veteran comrades to attend the organization activities included in schedule two branch, the old comrades allowance problems reported to the municipal government, strive for superior actively support, hall would be appropriate to solve this problem.

We will be more initiatives to the old comrades one by one to answer.

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