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★ How to walk out of a characteristic on the road of Nanchang ★

How to walk out of a characteristic on the road of Nanchang

(Nanchang Uprising of eight one memorial to Xiong Yanyan)

2009" Shuaifu Cup" national commentator competition has just ended, this is the highest level of cultural sector to the highest specifications on the contest, all sent veteran soldiers and able captains, after fierce competition, to everyone's surprise, the competition on the first name is the Inner Mongolia players, he with strong local characteristics of Inner Mongolia on the conquered all the judges and the audience, the player breaks through the traditional explain competition requirements, by the novel form on Mongolia ethnic customs, first in his Mongolia nationality clothing came on the stage, on at the same time with the Mongolia dance and Mongolia minority intangible cultural heritage long tone, is said to take singing all highlight the national culture and local characteristics, a short six minute to explain, vivid Mongolia culture broad and profound and unique charm. It was his personal explanation, won universal applause. His success has brought me thinking, before we explain always deliberate pursuit of a character, with certain scale and a standard to measure a docent of good and bad, and in accordance with the inherent mode to train instructors, such as external conditions, sound condition how, whether scientific vocalization, whether the good use of language skills, is it right? Like winning well-known announcer that explain the and so on, so we see the narrator most run in the same groove, as if the processing plant production of bulk products, the lack of individuality and local characteristics. Are we in the pursuit of a more standardized on the way at the same time, be like the Inner Mongolia players, local culture into our teaching? As a eight one Uprising Memorial lecturer, an engaging the guides training of grass-roots staff, in which how to follow a Nanchang characteristics on road to talk about a few immature view.

One, explain the contents of the necessity of Nanchang characteristic words

In the long-term work in explanation, I found that the narrator often only focus on their own field of study, although this one for any Memorial Museum is very important, but it is difficult to meet the needs of the times, for a more comprehensive understanding of the area will tell, need area historical and cultural commentator, announcer was all over the places of historic interest and scenic beauty publicity, a special platform decided to explain the special nature of the work, will tell from broad sense, narrator is not only area, the museum museum content publicity, or local historical and cultural propaganda, his face every day from all over the country and even foreign audience, the audience with a complex to a regional tour study, more willing to guide to learn about the local culture and history, local customs and practices. But the reality is disappointing, the vast majority of instructors in the area only relevant knowledge of history, when the audience to other places of historic interest and scenic beauty of interest but deny all knowledge of an event, in the daily reception, we often encounter Laibayi Uprising Memorial Museum visitors to Pavilion of Prince Teng or rope Chinta and other places of interest, if we can fully understanding, answer fluently, the audience will certainly impress Nanchang, Nanchang understand more willing to stay. Therefore, to explain the contents of Nanchang specialization is necessary, then, what is the Nanchang characteristics on the content? I personally think that other areas do not have the one and only, can represent the characteristic of area of Nanchang, Nanchang has a unique charm, can express the cultural connotation of content can be summarized in scenic areas, such as, special snacks, architectural features, characteristics of customs. In daily teaching from the following three aspects.

1, keep pace with the times, keep up with the pace of development of nanchang. With the development of society and economy, the city changes a course accelerate, Nanchang in domestic and international famous degree increasing, especially in Nanchang as the core of the Poyang Lake ecological economic zone rise to national strategy, Nanchang is subject to domestic and international attention, as the Nanchang area attractions guide and understanding of national policy, familiar with the Nanchang information environment, grasp the Nanchang development planning and future trends are necessary, Nanchang Municipal City Hall highly regarded commentator Nanchang characteristics explain the master, 2010 February, Nanchang Municipal Union City People's Congress held across the province, members of the CPPCC and NPC arrangement vehicle inspection" forest urban garden construction, Nanchang Nanchang Municipal mobilization" the scenic excellent commentator 34 go to all lengths to accomplish this task, 34 announcer main task is with the car on the. After a week of training, the training process I found these commentators have a common characteristic, is they are all in their own area content knowledge, usually lack of Nanchang data collection, suddenly faced with such great reception, some be taken by surprise, the area 's best announcer only mastered the scenic spot content, far from municipal City Hall Nanchang characteristics explain the requirements development process, with the Nanchang, the reception will be more and more, specifications are also more and more high, so scenic explain explain content must keep up with the development of Nanchang, advancing with the times, constantly updated to add on the content, the best and most beautiful Nanchang in our explanation to manifest fully. So in order to adapt to the new era of explaining the requirements, the characteristics of Nanchang Nanchang area we explain, as commentators have a responsibility to promote efforts from Nanchang, now, in our daily teaching have to consciously to audiences around the new development of nanchang. Even a quick few words, also can let the audience to Nanchang a more understanding.

2, love the Nanchang, Nanchang culture history master. Nanchang is a historical and cultural city, has over 2200 years of deep historical and cultural connotation, element has "content Hua Tianbao, old times " reputation: Nanchang is a city with a glorious revolutionary tradition of the heroes of the city, the people's army was born here, eight one flag raising here," spirit eight one" bred here: sunset and solitary wild ducks, a total of tianyi-autumn water scenery here, Nanchang is a beautiful scenic landscape of the capital, the Ganjiang River through the city, city, city rivers and verdant mountains, the ecological environment class: Nanchang is a more open development of modern city, in the" integrity of atmospheric opening, Tuqiang" in the city spirit, in big strides towards the country, into the world, increasingly showing a full rise attitude. Beautiful Nanchang with its own unique charm to attract eight visitors, Nanchang Nanchang characteristic explain in addition to introduce modernized, should also include the introduction of Nanchang, Nanchang patina green and red nanchang. Take eight one visit museum audience, he came to visit to the eight one uprising and the military history of interest, but to Nanchang elsewhere are not necessarily understood, if the narrator in theend introduced the eight one uprising display content, introduce our beautiful Nanchang historical culture, local customs and practices, characteristics of customs, through our affectionate and luxuriant on the audience will be more willing to contact understanding of Nanchang, so the eight one Uprising Memorial Hall is fully aware of the characteristics of Nanchang explain content in explain the importance, specially set up a hall introduction of Nanchang, require a docent at each batch must be introduced to explain in Nanchang, Nanchang most represents the most unique part to viewers., practice has proved, Nanchang characteristic explanation is loved by the audience.

3 characteristics of Nanchang City, explain, highlight the brand. City culture and personality charm to show, so that make the city a more cohesive and attractive. With the development of society and economy, the municipal city hall puts forward culture strong city city development train of thought, the cultural characteristics of refining Nanchang, Nanchang city brand building. Any city will have their own unique talents and temperament, have their own features the theme of culture. Like the surrounding city Hangzhou, Shanghai, Changsha, are trying to establish their own city cultural themes, said Hangzhou would think of the beautiful West Lake, Lingyin Temple and Shanghai silk, said that modern financial center and Town God's Temple etc.. It is not lack of characteristics in Nanchang, Nanchang eight one Uprising Memorial Hall, Pavilion of Prince Teng, memorial hall and so on, but many foreign audiences think we Nanchang is a featureless City, main reason is the lack of understanding of the audience in Nanchang, or no interest to understand the Nanchang, Nanchang so make characteristic city brand is to be imperative, only to establish the city brand, Nanchang will be gathered more popular and wealth, more conducive to the development of Nanchang City, the city brand, not only pay attention to the improvement of hardware, such as a street, do a world-class museums, create a cultural theme park and so on, but also pay attention to the culture of software ascension, this includes City publicity personality enhance the taste, including city announcer to build and upgrade. Throughout the country, explain limitations defined in their own work museum or scenic explanation, even many units do not pay attention to the selection and training of instructors, not to mention the adaptation to city development to create Nanchang characteristics explain, announcer scenic and cultural propaganda, is a city of the window and image, and even can be said to be city card, a lot of the audience is explained through the door open city. So the city brand includes creating Nanchang personality announcer, characteristic explain, make characteristic on Nanchang Nanchang become city brand.

Two, explain the form characteristics of the importance of Nanchang

In" Shuaifu Cup" national commentator competition, Inner Mongolia contestant can talent showing itself, except the excellent language skills, he was also on the plurality of form, he will be bold Inner Mongolia cultural elements into teaching, such as music, Mongolia clothing and Mongolia folk dance, deeply attracts the audience. Nanchang is a profound historical and cultural city, explain can also try to use a variety of forms of expression.

1, costume dress up and reception etiquette. Almost from the origin of the costumes of the day, people will be living customs, aesthetic taste, love of color and various cultural mentality, religious values of precipitation and apparel, clothing culture spiritual civilization building. Clothing culture and teaching, to better interpretation of the cultural characteristics. Nanchang City flag rising place, is a city of heroes, the history gifts to the city of hero temperament, eight one hall realize dress influence, the commentator is dressed in the latest military dress, to undergo a rigorous military training instructors, elegant in wearing a military temperament, and significant pride, no significant wooden solemn, beautiful conform to no conventional pattern, affinity with strength, uniform and eight one centers of culture and harmonious unity of bright and brave, the narrator has become a beautiful scenery line, the audience to become the heroes of the city of Nanchang frames on screen, so virtually representing the Nanchang City cultural characteristics, enhance the city 's taste. However, in the province of only a few spots on the importance of awareness of clothing, like the Jinggangshan revolutionary museum is a Navy Dress, Ruijin Memorial Museum, the red army uniforms, many other scenic area basically is dressed with scenic and cultural coordination costumes, usually area will require uniform overalls, each run in the same groove area, there is no features at all, seem to be more willing to seek the conservative scenic spot not wrong dress collocation, in order to secure, however the culture itself is art, clothing is the manifestation of cultural characteristics of silent language, scenic areas of the personality charm of ascension requires that every detail is perfect, which can represent the scenic features cultural elements of the costume is crucial, as around us provinces are worthy of our study and reference, Yunnan, a lot of places of Guangxi Scenic Guide wear costumes of the ethnic minorities, who, with minority etiquette reception of foreign visitors, tourists left a very deep impression. One might question, Nanchang and not ethnic enclaves, no such be richly endowed by nature conditions and resources, how to them through dress language to show a region culture? We say Nanchang is distinctive city, clothing representative scenic culture and taste, why can't we in this area into a little more, please domestic professional designers design packaging announcer? Let our narrator has also become a scenic landscape, became the characteristic culture of one of the elements? That memorial hall, Badashanren Zhu Da is our country's expressive founder, in the international arena and Van Gogh of its name, is known as the East Van Gogh, renowned at home and abroad, Nanchang Municipal City Hall tries their best to build the brand culture, completed 700000000 yuan investment Badashanren scenic area of new Mei Hu, indeed in hardware facilities have changed a lot. However, in the software still needs to perfect, first of all, the commentator should have a representative of the scenic spot on clothing, let the audience find everything fresh and new, I personally think that the clothes can be put on Badashanren's representation of drawing in, have a style of one's own clothing design, simple and generous, fluid lines, suitable for the whole area of color, can be reflect Chinese cultural charm fashion, personalized clothing is an important feature of city taste promotion. Secondly, the commentator in need of professional training and reception etiquette training, formed on their own style, Memorial Hall of the narrator must be distinguished from the eight one uprising of the narrator, this is two completely different on style, the eight one Uprising Memorial Hall is about military history and revolutionary history, explain the more tough to change, flexible band in the behavior, display a courageous soldiers and competently, explanation content shall strictly comply with the historical facts, not exaggerated fiction tampering, and the memorial hall is the story of Badashanren and his works, is the humanities landscape, explain relatively graceful style, can be more artistic description, explanation of words can also be richer on the embodiment of imagination, is a cultural art charm, behavior displaying refined and cultured, such as a freely flowing style of writing into the audience 's heart.

In 2, a variety of art forms into explanation. A variety of art forms is the Nanchang characteristic songs, dance, opera and other forms to use in daily teaching. This application becomes more attractive to the audience, with local customs and characteristics of culture performance is to explain the contents of special forms, the commentator can grasp some talent, not only will not seek refinement, but turn, seriousness and entertainment combined, according to the need for flexibility in the use of, and the audience interaction, propaganda and education at the same time the audience enjoy art, good can also do a good job, both, so that explain more attractive. Now Jiangxi has several scenic spots or some of such attempts, but does not see more nanchang. Nanchang Uprising of eight one Memorial in this regard some try, announcer in Nanchang authentic dialect song" singing" the uprising of eight one, in the whole teaching plays a good foil, the audience in a very relaxed atmosphere to accept patriotism education, let the audience not only remember the eight one uprising the magnificent history, also remember in Nanchang creating songs, from the practical effect, the audience praise Ruchao, each end will give a warm applause. In addition, the eight one Uprising Memorial Hall and pay much attention to mining history theme, with art form is shown lifting Memorial image, as a guide to provide a stage show, in addition to speak good can also play a good, comprehensive training all-round announcer, 2008 group and industry all the announcer directed musical drama" the people's army in the first batch female", went to Nanjing military region fourth communications terminal, the Chinese people's Liberation Army fourteenth division, Chinese people's Liberation Army 73690 army in Chang forces performed by men, love, warm response. Therefore, the breakthrough of traditional thinking, bold innovation, take a variety of forms of teaching, knowledge and combines art, advanced and interaction of fusion, Nanchang characteristics on road will shine.

Three, training system and training method of characteristics

In Nanchang also does not have a special interpreter training institutions, various scenic spots are also behind closed doors, follow the prescribed order of the experience of others, or to which the training for a few days, as long as the manuscript back down can directly post, resulted in Nanchang announcer levels uneven, some good and some bad, overall on the level of difficulty in rising, seriously affecting the Nanchang Foreign image, along with the rapid development of Nanchang, especially the Poyang Lake ecological economic region rise to national strategy, in the rare opportunities, Nanchang will play a core role and take the lead commentator, improve the professional level, has a representative Nanchang image explanation team be imperative. Nanchang eight one Uprising Memorial Hall from 2006 since, for scientific training instructors have been very seriously, we introduce eight one of training methods and training system, how to train with eight one pavilion features on the team.

1, how to select the commentator

Strict selection guide is the first step of cultivating excellent announcer. The museum museum intercom solutions ' specific requirements, decide the announcer needed a good image, good temperament, sweet voice loud, clear, have certain culture base, preferably with art speciality. Take the selected college students on volunteers, usually the first step, we will ask for an interview, first introduce themselves, and then read write, finally explain improvisation. General after the first round of elimination, we will undertake the second round exhibition hall scene, mainly on the reference to explain the contents of the skilled ability to grasp, to the audience to control ability, the ability of using language. The final round is the talent show. Through the comprehensive score we can pick out the satisfactory volunteer announcer. Good we will focus on the cultivation of reserve talents, for the memorial hall. As is now the official announcer there are pathways through which later formal examination.

2, the basic training system

The system includes basic training of vocal training, pronunciation training, explain the skills training, training, training, etiquette training, familiar gestures on the content on the basic practice and understand the Museum Museum of ( 1) training preparation. Training preparations must be fully comprehensive practical, mainly determine the training location, determined that the scene teaching, identify training class schedule and course of the teacher, each student preparation course materials and books, make assessment score table.

( 2) the training is a combination of theory and practice. By integrating theory with practice, the old with the new one to one model, the use of advanced multimedia equipment, combined with the eight one uprising to explain the contents of scene teaching method for rapid training of junior on the novice.

( 3) the assessment standard and method of basic training. Basic training cycle for 15 days, after the end of training subject unified examination. Assessment method is unified arrangement of teaching content for my hall basis, display part. According to the assessment table score. Not eligible for further training, eligible can consider entering the exhibition hall to the audience on the.

( 4) before the induction of the preparatory work. Training qualified and proficient in the museum display content based new announcer, after assessment ends can be arranged a formal reception general audience.

3, further improve the training

The commentator 's growth is a gradual process, the primary announcer general 5 - 10 years of accumulated development can truly mature, the so-called one minute on stage takes ten years of practice, to cultivate mature knowledge commentator, after only a short basic training is very difficult to have the effect, basic training object is just getting started the new announcer, but basic training courses can not meet the need of the old commentator. In view of the old commentator features, in-depth training. The main training courses in more than two years of work on the narrator make.

One is the teacher training of. In depth to improve training level, teachers must meet the following conditions.

In 1, participated in the national contest or access to the province's top ten on the docent title.

In 2, on ten years with rich experience in interpretation.

Two is to improve the training course. Further improve the training courses and basic courses have substaintial distinction, improve the training course includes:

1, how to arrange the important task to explain

2, how to resolve the audience 's resistance

In 3, hall explained and entry on difference

4, explain draft writing and matters needing attention

5, important reception etiquette

6, how to do because a person speaks

7, how to explain the selective application skills

8, how to become a Nanchang local announcer

In 9, mature commentator should have the conditions

In 10, the area of Nanchang

11, learn to sing the song < eight one > Uprising

In 12, the talent show

Three is the scene teaching. The province well-known announcer live demonstration

Four is summed up the exchange of common progress. All the trainees to trial examination conclusions and comments

In 4, the daily training

Our goal is to foster a good image, to fight, integrated quality is high on the team. To become a can take on important task reception commentator, not only need a dignified appearance, elegant manners, beautiful voice, need more comprehensive knowledge. After basic training and further improve the training after two phase, daily training is particularly important, daily training is consolidating training outcomes and learning knowledge of culture and history. Marshal will acquire knowledge flexibly applied to explain the work, requires long study and accumulation. In view of this, our scientific arrangement, balanced, studied a set of feasible, effective training methods. Specific have the following:

( 1) the daily training mainly uses self-learning mode. Each lecture by announcer. Self selected topic, topic around the museum based display content, the collection of artifacts related knowledge, related biographies, Chinese modern history. According to another need to determine the topic designated announcer completed, for example:": rank."" eight one flags." "the Chinese people's Liberation Army on the origin and development of" and so on is the curriculum departments designated staff completed. In addition, we will regularly arrange provincial historical experts and museum display of the teacher. In 2009, we have invited Exhibition Department of Xiao Yanyan and Chen Hongmo teacher, History Office, teacher, with group and industry director Lin Nanhong and retired old expert lectures.

( 2) the daily training time is fixed arranged on each Tuesday afternoon four points. In charge of training business quarterly submit training plans and curriculum. Reasonable and orderly organized.

( 3) regular job training. Each quarter to arrange a trial lecture. The first half of the guide on the game. In 2009 I Department has launched" a touching story" and" a precious cultural relics," as the theme to explain competition, and achieved good results, within the Department formed a positive learning atmosphere, fall over each other, exercise explain draft writing ability at the same time promoted the rapid increase in the level of business. In addition, I pay great attention to mining commentator 's talent, provide a stage to show the charm. In 2009 I Department of the narrator self-directed and performed the song and dance drama" the first batch of female" and to force performance, has been recognized by officers and soldiers.

( 4) submit a learning experience. Each narrator half completed a learning experience, timely summary, find and solve problems, and to explain the exchange of learning experience.

( 5) at the end of each quarter held a conference summary. Comments on training, writing training report, establish the training files.

5, other related training

In addition to the above training, our reception may be encountered in the emergency emergency draft training plan and field exercises. For example, in 2009 I Department of rain and snow weather important reception preview, a sudden blackout evacuate the audience preview, save heat stroke, heart attack and so the audience previews. In 2009, we have ushered in Jiangxi Province cultural system on the game and " Shuaifu Cup" national explain competition, in order to match the excellent results obtained in our game, according to the Constitution and rules, making training schedule.

Practice has proved, strict system of training and scientific training methods is very important. To improve the level of explanation, promote the narrator 's rapid growth, shorten mature time announcer has important significance. Announcer only continuous learning accumulation of related professional knowledge, improve the individual level of accomplishment, actively participate in various social activities, to maintain a good public image, to become a good interpreter.

In short, as in Nanchang commentator in addition to the system through formal training, but also accept the Nanchang culture learning, both are indispensable, mutually to use, flexible, live, walk out of a characteristic on Nanchang Road, advancing with the times, make area of Nanchang explain more features, more attractive, for their contribution to the construction of the power of nanchang!

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