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★ Academic Committee - Chapter fifth asset management, the use of principles ★

Fifteenth sources of funding have:

In 1, the Department in charge of appropriation;

In 2, local finance budget for inclusion of other fund;

3, to accept the domestic and foreign individuals, departments, social group ( company ), assist (learn) association and other relevant units for sponsorship and donations;

4, in the approved scope of business activities of the legitimate income.

Sixteenth of the funds management:

1, establish fund management group, strengthen funds management and supervision;

2, hire accounting personnel, responsible for the financial business;

In 3, the correct control costs, strict financial discipline, all expenses account;

In 4, the assets, any unit or individual shall infringe and private.

Academic Committee - the fourth chapter organization and the persons responsible for generating, recall

The ninth article of the highest authority for the congress. Member representatives are held every five years, special circumstances can advance or delay hold. Members of Congress is responsible:

1, discuss, by charter;

2, to examine and approve the work report and financial report;

In 3, election director

4, deciding on the working guiding principle, work or other significant matters.

The tenth member congress elected or hire be of noble character and high prestige of Nanchang University professor Liu Mianyu et al as honorary president or consultant; elected or hire a scholarly or this will be related to a certain number of experts as an academic advisor, when necessary, according to the needs of the development of the cause, the set of other honorary titles.

Eleventh members of Congress have council. The Council have standing board. The Standing Council Chairman, vice chairman and Secretary to produce long. Council for the Congress is not in session authority, held once a year or two sessions, and according to the needs of the work, build management mechanism. The legal representative, by the president or president appoints a vice president as.

Twelfth of the Council 's authority

1, executive conference delegate conference resolution;

In 2, election and recall President, vice-chairman, secretary-general, standing director;

3, prepare and conference representative conference;

In 4, to the member representative conference reports and financial status;

5, the formulation and revision of the articles of association;

In 6, decided to set up offices;

7, the decision of the organization who is responsible for hiring;

8, leading the agencies work;

9 other important matters, decision

Article thirteenth the chairman, vice-chairman, secretary-general must meet the following conditions:

1, adhere to the party's line, principles, policies, political quality is good;

2, healthy body, can adhere to the normal work;

3, familiar with the business and have larger social and academic influence;

Article fourteenth the president and the Secretary General authority:

President office:

1, hold and preside over the Council, the Executive Council and chairman of conference of office;

2, on behalf of the Council to sign the important documents;

3, check the member congress, board, standing board resolution of the implementation of;

4, on behalf of the Council or designate relevant persons to participate in national or social groups related activities;

5, associate members assist member long work.

Secretary General authority:

1, to organize the work plan, submitted to President Office Protocol and implementation;

2, director of the office will be worked out or the Standing Council issues, through discussion and decision implementation;

3, implement the president and chairman of the decisions of the office, to the president and General Council work report;

In 4, the coordination of the internal organizations work, maintain and various groups ( unit ) members contact;

In 5, deputy secretary-general and director of general office, president office or the Standing Council to discuss the decision, decided to office staff appointment.

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