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Declaration of the Central Committee
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Declaration of the Central Committee

Entrusted by comrades all over the country, since they were elected as members of the Central Committee by the Second National Congress, they have worked hard for the future of the national revolution in accordance with the party's ideological policy and the legacy of the Prime Minister, thanks to the concerted efforts of comrades across the country. Can be without a big fall. Today's party-state crisis is even more equal to the past. Therefore, colleagues and others have to tell our comrades the truth of the recent situation and the only way to struggle with them.
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 (August 1, 1927)

Entrusted by comrades all over the country, since they were elected as members of the Central Committee by the Second National Congress, they have worked hard for the future of the national revolution in accordance with the party's ideological policy and the legacy of the Prime Minister, thanks to the concerted efforts of comrades across the country. Can be without a big fall. Today's party-state crisis is even more equal to the past. Therefore, colleagues and others have to tell our comrades the truth of the recent situation and the only way to struggle with them. Going back to the March 20th Incident last year, it is clear that there are still a small number of ambitious careerists with armed force in the revolutionary process, trying to collude with the counter-revolutionary forces in order to show their selfish intentions. At that time, my colleagues and others thought of the interests of the overall situation of the revolution and hoped that if they could promote the Northern Expedition to develop the power of the masses, they would surely be able to stop the conspiracy of the careerists in one day, so they did not hesitate to sacrifice their ambitions and humiliate themselves in order to compete with Jiang Zhongzheng and others within a year. After dealing with each other, he did not dare to abandon his comrades all over the country, and he ignored the future of the revolution. Up until this spring, Jiang Nizhong Zhengshi wanted to move the party and government to Nanchang to fulfill his reactionary dictatorship; that is, (succession) openly rebelled, separated the southeast, colluded with warlords and compradors, murdered comrades, and massacred the people. As a result, comrades across the country, for the survival of the party and the state, began to launch a movement to restore party power, and the third plenary meeting of the Central Committee was also held. Various resolutions to consolidate the revolutionary forces were passed. , not allowed to send. However, this movement to restore party power is entirely due to the concerted efforts of all comrades across the country, and Jiang Nizhong and Jiang Nizhong were able to strike a major blow to revive the future of the revolution. However, Tang Shengzhi and other warriors also rose up to speculate on the pretext of supporting this kind of movement, in order to allow them to overthrow Chiang and increase their own power. My colleagues and others knew that these warriors had no sincerity in the revolution, and would inevitably not harm the party-state in the future. However, the foundation of the revolution can be consolidated only if the Party obtains the participation of the peasant masses in the revolution according to the will of the Prime Minister. Therefore, regarding the development of the broad peasant movement in the two lakes, as well as the peasant masses entering into revolutionary actions to solve the land problem and establish rural self-governance, not only should they not be repressed, but also that the Party's proposition that "the tiller has his own land" has gradually gained the majority of peasants. know. With this knowledge and movement, the majority of peasants will be able to destroy the remnants of the feudal forces and believe that the revolutionary forces of their own party and the new China, in which the people are governed by the people and enjoyed by the people, will gain a solid guarantee. After Butu left for the second Northern Expedition, Tang Shengzhi's general He Jian began to rebel. He ordered Xia Douyin and others to sneak into Wuchang, and secretly ordered Xu Kexiang and others to attack Changsha. At this critical moment, the warriors and the collaborators stood by and watched, refusing to cooperate in the suppression. The few weak leaders in the Central Party Department were shaken by the reactionary momentum, and they were swayed and softened, and they dared not resolutely punish the rebellious warriors. At the same time, Jiangxi Zhu Peide sought to compromise with Jiang's, and had to expel the revolutionary elements and stop the workers' and peasants' movement. This minority of leaders also complimented Yourong and took it for granted. After Feng Yuxiang entered Henan, he openly went to Xuzhou to meet with Jiang Ni, and threatened the central government to dismiss all political personnel in the army. These few leaders also have no (sanctioning) ability, and they have no choice but to make a false decision, so as to disrupt their own pace. Under the guidance of these few weak leaders, the Central Party Headquarters completely lost its prestige, but it knew the snoots of military people and pursued its own interests with the sacred resolution of the Central Committee. As a result, the arrogance of the warriors soared, and the party and the government completely became a tool for the warriors. Tang Shengzhi returned to Hunan, reorganized the provincial party department of the provincial government at will, and continued to implement the massacre policy. There are tens of thousands of victims, and 5,000 in the whole of Hubei, and the Wuhan Central Committee said that tens of thousands of comrades were killed, one said that there were many communists, and the other said that they did not obey the orders of the central government and acted freely, and the third said that " The cultivator has his own land" and "should be solved by politics and law". Now the facts are obvious and undisguised. Among the victims of the two lakes, some of them were Communist Party members who had joined the Party's loyal revolution, and more than 80 percent of the Party's members who had not joined other parties. These tens of thousands of party members are all based on the Prime Minister's last commandment in accordance with the decision of the party's peasants and workers to work hard among the peasants and workers, and today they are so brutally murdered by the reactionary warriors. The Wuhan Central Committee charged it with violating the order of the Central Committee. It sold the party and comrades. The Prime Minister's last instruction stated that the problem of "the tiller has his own land" should not be solved by politics and law. Today, the Wuhan Central Committee uses political and legal protection to protect Tang Shengzhi and others from killing party members and workers and peasants. This is the Prime Minister's intention! Tang Shengzhi, He Jian and others ran rampant in the Wuhan capital, besieging the Central Party headquarters, occupying popular groups, looting the Central Bank, arresting members of the Central Committee, and searching the residence of Comrade Soong Ching Ling, the Prime Minister's wife, Foreign Minister Comrade Chen Youren. Under the threat of such reactionary warriors, the Central Party Headquarters again proposed a proposal to divide the Communist Party, in order to exclude all loyal party members, so as to facilitate the warriors' counter-revolutionary attempts, betraying the party shamelessly, so extreme! The proposal to divide the Communist Party was not approved by the Central Standing Committee. They still want to call for the central plenary meeting on August 15th. At the same time, in Wuhan and all the agencies under their powers, they have begun to fabricate and distort all kinds of facts, spreading anti-Communist propaganda in an attempt to force the Central Committee members to pass their proposed motions in order to cover up their illegal plots. My colleagues and others have witnessed such a situation and know that a few leaders in Wuhan have been willing to be kidnapped by the warriors and betray the party. If you still hold back and struggle, and help make his rebellious plan, why will he entrust the comrades of the whole country, why should he be the prime minister and the martyrs who seized the party? Therefore, he will leave Han successively, and for the future of the revolution and the party, he will do his best and lead the way. Comrades across the country fought to maintain the orthodoxy of the party's revolution. It is especially painful that Comrade Wang Jingwei, who is the leader of the party, was surrounded by small groups this time because of his ambiguity, and finally succumbed to the force of the warlords; abnormal. Whatever he did, he was completely different from the two when he returned to China. When the prime minister is about to die, he thinks that the leader of the party may inevitably be softened by the enemy. Less than three years after the Prime Minister's death, most of the party's old leaders have been softened by the enemy. Thinking of this, how sad! My colleagues and others are reminded of the difficulty of building the party over the past 40 years and the great expectations of millions of revolutionary comrades across the country. We cannot sit back and watch the history of our party's honor being ruined by these few old leaders. All the decrees and decisions issued in the name of the party headquarters have not been agreed to and cannot be held responsible. The so-called party governments in Wuhan and Nanjing have become the tools of the new warlords, misinterpreting the Three Principles of the People, destroying the three policies, the prime minister’s sinners, the citizens The criminals of the revolution, and Chen Jiongming, Yang Ximin, Feng Ziyi, Xie Chi, and Zou Lu have come together in different ways. The sacrifice of the Northern Expedition must meet the aspirations of the Prime Minister of the Party, save the suffering of the people, liberate the workers and peasants, and develop the revolutionary forces. If today’s old and new warlords are inseparable, massacre the workers and peasants, and oppress the people, then the sacrifice of the Northern Expedition is not only costless. , the result will still lead to the situation of warlord separatism, making China's war cycle ups and downs, never ending. From now on, my colleagues and so on, only the comrades who lead the country will swear to follow the Prime Minister’s will to fight to the end, and never dare to look forward to it, so as to hinder the overall situation of the revolution. At this time, all comrades across the country should resolutely fight against all those who fake the party's revolutionary name, especially the loyal soldiers and soldiers under the guidance of this party, who can demonstrate the courage of the prime minister to never return. , so that every soldier and soldier can not be used by those who fake the party's revolutionary name, and fight to the end for the party's true revolutionary proposition. All my comrades, Ding is in a difficult time, so it is advisable to unite and fight for the following propositions:
(1) Oppose the decision of a small number of Central Committee members in Wuhan under the guise of the order issued by the Central Party Department.
(2) Support the Prime Minister's Three Principles of the People's Realization of the People's Owning the People, Governing the People and Enjoy the Society, and the three major policies of uniting the peasants and workers with Russia, and opposing all propositions that distort or betray the policy.
(3) Make joint efforts to obtain a new base for the revolution so that in addition to the forces of the old and new warlords, the Third National Congress can be convened to discuss the issue of concentrating the revolutionary forces to continue the revolutionary work.
(4) Before the Third National Congress, representatives of the Party headquarters of all provinces shall elect leaders trusted by the whole Party to organize a temporary revolutionary leading body.
(5) Continue to fight against imperialism and implement a solution to the land issue, and wash away the cowardly attitude of the few Central Committee members in Wuhan who are accommodating and accommodating, and must correctly and bravely use this revolutionary proposition to call the world and arouse the people.
(6) Do everything possible to abolish extortionate and miscellaneous taxes, and remove all political malpractices, so as to realize the party's proposition of representing the interests of the common people.
(7) Actively prepare strengths to eliminate Jiang Fengtang and other new-style warlords as the domestic forces to cut off imperialist Beiyang warlords and feudal society.
All of the above are considered urgent matters by my colleagues. Only when the whole Party is unanimous and resolute in striving for these propositions will the Chinese revolutionary movement have hope of success.
Sun Song Qingling, Deng Yanda, Tan Pingshan, Peng Zemin, Lin Zuhan, Wu Yuzhang, Yu Shude, Yun Daiying, Enkebatu, Yang Paoan, Liu Yazi, Gao Yuhan, Xie Jin, Baiyunti, Mao Zedong, Dong Yongwei, Jiang Hao, Han Linfu, Xia Xi, Xu Suhun, Deng Yingchao, Qu Wu.
*This was issued by some members of the Central Committee of the Kuomintang, and some of the signers were not in Nanchang at the time.
"In the "Republic of China Daily" in Nanchang, August 1, 1927"

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